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Lane systems and dimensions
Pinsetter /ball return


Types of skittle lanes and dimensions

Our skittle lanes for sports use are available in different designs: as Bohle lane, Schere lane, Classic lane or parquet floor lane (depending on the play tradition of a certain region).

The stated dimensions conform to international sports regulations. All products can of course be built in other dimensions.

Classic- lanes

Single-lane installation - This facility can be installed in a very small space and shapely adapts to the surroundings.

Double-lane installation - With this kind of skittle lane you already meet the needs of sports players. An installation of 4 or more lanes opens up completely new possibilities, they are approved for international competitions and championships.

Schere lane

Wooden bowling surfaces
• traditional
• low- cost

Plastic bowling surfaces
• high stability
• no maintenance costs for sanding and sealing

Schere lanes are widespread in western Germany and in the southern parts of Lower Saxony and Hesse. They are also popular in the Benelux countries, France, Italy and Brazil.

The scissors’ lane shape in combination with our tested pin setter provides virtually unlimited flexibility for different playing methods for players of all kinds of skill levels.

Bohle lane

The Bohle lane is traditionally made of wood.

• solid square timbers ensure stability and a long lifetime • the height-adjustable substructure, here again, provides top playing conditions
• optimally sanded grooving for perfect hits

Bohle lanes are used especially in northern Germany, as well as in Denmark, Poland and Namibia.

Planning and design

The Ahlborn Kebo-Tech GmbH is the ideal partner for planning an installation. You can benefit from the knowhow of the worldwide known System Vollmer Sport.
Of course, we can offer different design examples and inform you about the necessary constructional requirements.

Our consultants are available on-site!