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Lane systems and dimensions
Pinsetter /ball return


Controlcenter - the pro-competition management

Essential for sports use of Classic, Bohle and Schere lanes, for implementing and evaluating skittles competitions and championships.

The Controlcenter connected to the skittle alley control systems. Its user- friendly operation ensures that even inexperienced PC users have no difficultly in starting and managing competitions.

• Central data input, selection and control of the lanes
• Simultaneous control of multiple competitions via PC
• Free choice of lane change modes for competitions,
   e.g. inter-city championship
• Printout of score sheets and results
• Data transfer to programs such as Excel
• complete supervision of the lanes on PC with score
   correction function
• Absolute data security – each throw is saved
   instantly on the hard disk
• Name and score display, plus free text input with
   alphanumeric function
• Optional representation of the results on a big
   monitor or beamer


Team counter

Make your competitions and tournaments run even more smoothly in future.

The alphanumeric display

• Greeting texts of variable duration
• Information displays announcing
   important events and sponsors details
• Continuously updated display of
   players´names, team names, nationality,
   scores, game points, etc.
• Advertising and information displays
   before and after competitions, during
   player changeover and during training and
   recreational bowling sessions • Advertising income for financing the
   sports center
• Information/ special offers from the café,
   restaurant, etc.

The traditional team counter

• Automatic start with the sports program
• For all common types of competition
• announcement: Home / guest, number of
   throws, number of hits

The announcement via Beamer or Monitore

• Representation of the play results of whole team
• Very clear presentation by Beamer
• Can also be displayed on 32” moitores over each lane