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Minibowling – big fun on small space

Bowling enjoys snowballing popularity. In many cases the space requirements and administration of a conventional bowling lane is a problem for smaller interested organizers and localities respectively. Our Minibowling means conventional bowling on a smaller scale. It only requires 40 per cent of the space and it is played with a correspondingly sized ball (140mm) and pins.

Further advantages at a glance:

• small space requirement, can be installed everywhere
• no special structural requirements
• „stand alone“ operation, no service personal required
• coin-operated or central control
• no need to oil the bowling surface
• bowling shoes are not required
• side barriers for accident prevention
• promotional and advertising displays plus fun games
• main emphasis on fun and activity

These features open up a great range of applications for Minibowling installations. For example, they can enhance the attractiveness of leisure parks, shopping centers, holiday villages, children’s play and recreation centers, existing bowling centers and the leisure sector in general.

Coin-operated systems or “stand-alone” solutions without service personal are also possible. Furthermore, all familiar features of modern tenpin bowling (computerized scoring systems, games and advertising displays, “glow in the dark” effects, running lights, bumpers, masking units etc.) can be incorporated.

Our Minibowling stands for fun and activity for all kinds of people. It offers an ultimate fun experience for young and old, it is exciting for kids up to pensioners, for the whole family respectively.

Dimensions of a 2-lane Minibowling installation