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Bowling surfaces
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Optimal bowling surfaces

Our bowling surfaces are made of thick HPL laminate panels, specially designed for bowling centers. The precision and stability of the laminate panels and substructure guarantee an optimal ball rolling action. These high quality standards enable us to cater to the needs of all bowlers. All surfaces are ABC/ WIBC inspected.

Our laminated bowling surfaces are supported by a solid substructure, offering ideal conditions for an ultimate bowling experience.


• Very hard surface
• optimal antifrictional properties
• high abrasion resistance
• permanent for years
• easy to clean


For an ultimate bowling experience we offer a great variety of accessories, e.g. pins, balls in many designs, fashion, shoes, cleaning and caring products as well as cleaning machines.

Very low costs for maintenance and care increase the commercial value of the bowling lanes and are an additional advantage for us.

Do not hesitate to contact us for advice.