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Bowling surfaces
Pinsetter / Collector
Scoring systems

Ropeless pinsetters

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Pinsetter System Vollmer Sport

Our pinsetter has proven itself for many years under tough conditions.

The overall design is geared to optimal bowling results. The integrated electronic disentangling mechanism is among the best available. These features in combination with a high setup speed can be relied on to ensure the smooth running of your bowling lanes.


• noise absorbing consolidated centering system
• robust and stable design
• made for continuous use
• minimal maintenance costs
• disentangling mechanism

The ball return elevators are highly reliable and there are no acceleration problems due to oil contamination or jammed pins. By using black setting ropes and a swep flap to conceal the setup process the advantages of a rope-type pinsetter and the appearance of a ropeless one are combined. The presence of a mechanic is not necessary during games – a fact that operators of large-scale bowling centers take advantage of.

Comparison of operating costs

Pinsetters with and without ropes

-using the example of a 20-lane bowling center (in relation to the pinsetters)
The considerable lower personnel costs and costs for spare parts increase your benefit and enhance your flexibility.

Ball collector

With our ball collector you set up an eye-catcher at your bowling lane.

The ball highly slows down in the ball collector and is rolling to the deposit. Thus, we guarantee a high level of safety for your players.