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Scoring systems

Scoring systems offer various possibilities for bowling games and bring much more fun for the players. Short movies and sounds bring the game to live. Besides the traditional bowling, the systems also contain lots of leisure games for children and adults. In connection with an automatic bumper system also kids get strikes and have much more fun.

The capabilities can be extended considerably by the use of a great variety of software options. It is possible to play music programs up to direct advertising displays, designed by yourself. With the use of a scoring system you have the complete masking unit available for your own design. Of course, we are ready to support you with suggestions and ideas.

Our scoring system contains of computers and displays and offers even more options to you.

Beside the display function you have the choice between a range of interesting games, e.g. Bingo, golf, balloon race… to name only some of them.

The handling of our systems is very easy because the player will be guided through the program step by step.

Lane reservations and charging systems, advertising displays, webcam access and a lot of other options complete our offer. A front desk bowling center management computer makes the day-to-day running of the bowling lanes a lot easier.

The display of animations after, for instance, strike and foul and the sound effects bring much more live into the bowling game and make it more attractive.